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Modular System

Sundance designed this custom water feature for this company's corporate headquarters. The fountain shoots water from ground level and features an underground reservoir where water returns through openings between concrete tiles. Special benefits of these systems include: ease of maintenance, reduced debris in the reservoir, reduced water loss from evaporation of reservoir, and most importantly, no exposed water depths so children can play safely. This custom water feature was installed in one week.

This water fountain is displayed in a patio environment at the Medical Oncology Center in Farmington, NM.

Another custom design for a heritage center, this fountain is part of a memorial featuring an eternal flame to military veterans and deceased servicemen.

This outdoor fountain was designed to the customer's design specifications, rich in symbolism and ethnic significance. This fountain contains 56 individually programmable Pop-Jets. During windy conditions the fountain's upper tier supplies a continuous flow of water that delivers a delightful cascading water-fall effect.

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