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Modular System

Sundance Water Design's modular fountain systems make it possible to have an impressive water attraction just about anywhere. These fully automated fountain systems come self-contained and can exist in basins or are installed below grade. Although they typically come in durable polyethylene basins, they are also available in fiberglass galleria style basins or any basin of choice as long as some dimensional requirements are met. For underground installations, we provide stainless steel reservoirs and grids to support the concrete tiles that make up the ground level surface.

Two varieties of water effects for self-contained modular fountains are available: the laminar flow Leap-Jet and Pop-Ball Jet. A Leap-Jet fountain shoots glass-like rods of water from point to point at programmed intervals. The Pop-Ball Jet shoots "balls" of water into the air in synchronized patterns. The jets (or nozzles), pumps, filters, plumbing, water level sensors, and electrical panel are all hidden out of view. Synchronized sound is available to enhance the effect of the water movement.

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Each modular fountain comes with a control box that is equipped with:

  • A GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) to prevent electrical shock

  • A programmable microprocessor-based sequence controller

  • A 24 hour time clock for adjustable on/off settings

  • A relay switch for shut off or refill (depending on setup) when low water level is detected


The control system is designed to use 115- volts/60 Hz single phase wiring and is to utilize it's own 20 amp circuit breaker. If the fountain is for use in a country with different electrical voltage and/or frequency, please specify when ordering.

In outdoor applications where water jumps are made over walkways, we install a wind anemometer. When the wind exceeds a given setting, the wind controller signals the animation panel to discontinue the long jumps until the wind subsides.

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