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Interactive Water Features

Sundance Water Design can design build an interactive water feature to meet your every unique requirements. Each project starts with a phone call to discuss the design approach to create a water feature that is most suitable for your needs and budget.

Photo by Bobbs + Black Architects

Stony Point Fashion Mall Richmond, VA Interactive Fountain

Many design layouts are available to establish the correct infrastructure for an interactive water feature. These items may include the size of the pump vault, reservoir vault and weather an above or below ground vault location is better suited. In addition, the availability of a water supply, electric source and waste drains.


Photo by Las Cruces Community Partners

Las Cruces Interactive Splash Pad Fountain

All fountains are designed in accordance to local health standards & regulations department that govern public pools. Any water that comes in contact with a persons eyes or mouth are usually classified by these departments.


Photo by Tripadvisor

Beaver Creek, Co Interactive Fountain

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