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Sundance Water Design manufactures and markets fountain systems that are both modular and architectural. We also offer consulting and maintenance services. We have clients in Asia, South America, Europe, and the USA. Our clients are cost-conscious, discerning customers who desire the finest in materials while receiving honest and personal service.

Our Goal

Sundance Water Design wants to supply clients with pre-engineered, fully self-contained, field-ready fountain systems that install easily. We dramatically reduce the high construction fees associated with traditional fountain installations. We provide our clients with installation blueprints and guidelines, and supervise the installations when necessary.


Sundance Water Design's Fountains are virtually maintenance free, because only the highest quality and latest technology components are used. We strive to make the ordinary "extraordinary" by adapting the challenge to make a fountain become interactive and entertaining.


Sundance Water Design is one of the most creative innovators of interactive and architectural water attractions. We design, construct, and install fountains including interactive splash pad fountains, zero grade water features, dancing water fountains, spray fountains and modular fountain systems.


The biggest difference between Sundance Water Design and its competitors is that I have elected to cap the growth of Sundance Water Design in order to keep it small and manageable. This means that during our busiest times, we have four to five employees maximum, with only two or three jobs on-line.

I do not compete with other fountain companies in the number of fountain systems/components sold each year. However, our service along with the quality and performance of our fountains, I feel (and my clients can tell you) exceeds the competition. Our gross sales have levelled the past years because of the elected size of the company and the number of days there are in a year. I have found that at this level I am most comfortable and content, and can provide my greatest service to my clients.

Superior Customer Service

The downside to this is that there have been times where I have had to refuse projects, knowing I would not be able to deliver or meet an installation schedule as needed by the client - in turn leaving gaps between our projects at times. When my customers call, they talk directly to me. I distribute the duties and manage the projects throughout production and installation. They do not get passed on to different departments. I work one on one with my customer through the Project Development Stages in order to meet their needs and acquire a lasting relationship.

Sundance Water Design design/builds about three to four rather large water features per year total, but takes the time to perform the installation, fine tune the feature(s) and train the client to the best of our ability to make them feel 100% comfortable with operating the system. Our designs far exceeds our competitors cost to annually operate these water features, both with utility consumption and "maintenance" man hours.

Attention to Detail

I carefully balance my time to allow myself to pay a great deal of attention to detail, which in turn has provided the largest reward to this company's success. Our fountains become our best sales tool. Each installation seems to lead to a future project. The better they operate year round, the better our chances for future sales. 100% of the fountains I have installed are currently operating daily. Five of our past 30 projects have been in locations where existing fountains were torn out and replaced with a Sundance Water Design feature. I have several clients for which I have provided more than one water feature.

Patented Technology

Sundance Water Design sells complete fountain packages. We hold a patent on our laminar leap jet nozzle (patent number 6,085,988) and have several proprietary nozzle designs, including our illuminated foam jet, pop jet and bursting jet. We generally design our fountains using these nozzles in different design layouts. We usually stick to our proven technologies, but constantly look for ways to improve the product. During the past five years or so, I have also learned that these systems can be easily over engineered.

For example: Some of my early designs may have incorporated many individually controlled nozzles that lend themselves to be more complicated with programming. However, several years ago when studying children interacting with these fountains, I found that some of the basic ways of displaying playful water attractions do not need to be so complicated. A simple manifold with five or so foam jets connected to a single pump that ramps up and down is delightful to the children. By combining those jets with some low flowing, random shooting pop jets (baby sitters) for the toddlers, a couple of upwardly large flowing smooth jets for the bigger kids, and the several laminar leap jets to mystify all patrons, we've found the perfect combination of water jets for every interactive water feature.

The beauty of our fountains is that all of the pumps that are used are identical. You need only to have one on hand for a spare. I have worked in many ways with my clients to provide them the services we offer. We are very flexible regarding which solution is used to get the water feature installed.

The Clear Choice

Lastly, since it is impossible to compare apples to apples in this market, the best advice I could give a client that is shopping for a water feature, is to contact three fountain companies and ask them to submit to you a fountain Design Proposal that best fits your criteria, i.e., layout (simple hand drawing), measurements, environment or location (send them pictures if it is to be in an already developed location) and budget if possible. Tell them that this design will be chosen by a committee. Ask them to submit:

  • Product Specification Data

  • Scope of Responsibility Statement and Performance Guaranty

  • Set of Drawings

  • Technical Data sheets

  • Product Performance (Detailed written description of the design, how it works and its operation control functions.)

  • Standard Conditions of Sale (Warranty, specify the length of warranty you desire)

  • List of Worldwide projects

  • Quotation with installation (Make them responsible for the complete installation)

  • Pictures of their past installations including pictures of their control system

  • General maintenance and daily operation

  • Scope of work

  • Scope of Responsibility Statement and Performance Guaranty

I hope this information will be helpful to you.

Guy Marsh

President, Sundance Water Design Inc.

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