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Modular System

Sundance Water Design's specialty water feature components are high-quality commercial grade products designed to provide reliable service 365 days a year. Control Net Services Inc. designs and builds our custom control panels, VFD and motor control panels.

  • Sundance Water Design also stocks traditional architectural fountain components that are at times used in a non-traditional fashion. Innovation is the key!

  • The Laminar Bursting Jet is designed to have a solid appearing rod of water that jump from the assembly at chosen intervals and lengths. As the water reaches zero gravity, it mushrooms out, thus creating the action of a bursting water rod.

  • The Quick-Accelerating Bursting Jet is a smooth flow brass nozzle that is supplied by a single pump that is connected to a variable frequency drive (VFD). When the speed is ramped up, and down, and quickly back on, the upward flowing water collides with the downward falling water creating a bursting effect at many different water heights.

  • The Pop Ball wet niche nozzle is a popular inner-active zero-grade water effect. This unit can shoot a marble size ball of water vertically into the air. The nozzle can also be programmed to create a continuously stream of water.

  • The Laminar Leap Jet (A.K.A "jump jet", "jumping jet", "leaping jet", "laminar flow nozzle", "leapfrog") shoots water in a perfect stream that resembles a uniform glass rod. Flows can vary from continuios streams to quick bursting while the flow exactly follows the parabolic path determined by the angle of the jet.

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